Alan W. Sharpe
Senior Vice President, Investments

Mr. Sharpe began his career in the financial services industry in 1983 at State Street Bank in Quincy, MA.  Mr. Sharpe traded short term money market investments for large mutual fund groups. 


In 1986 Alan joined Brown Brothers Harriman and worked executing foreign currency transactions to back up large international mutual fund buys and sells. 


Mr. Sharpe then put his extensive institutional experience to work as a financial planning advisor.  He started at Merrill Lynch in 1990. 


Alan has served affluent individuals and corporations for over 26 years.  Very affluent clients and associates have shared their own secrets to success with Alan over the years, not only does he employ these time tested strategies for himself and his clients, Mr. Sharpe feels it is important to pass the stratagies along to existing and new clients whenever possible. A well known lecturer on institutional money management and retirement asset preservation Alan has counseled hundreds of retirees and pre-retirees over the years on strategies designed to optimize growth and make their money last.


With over thirty-three years total experience Mr. Sharpe can offer the expertise you need to take control and re-focus your investments to deliver the financial stability you want along with the financial outcomes that are most important for you and your family.