Our Services

Our list of services is extensive.  We provide probably the most extensive array of financial products and services available anywhere.  You can reference a generic overview here:  https://www.moorscabot.com/what-we-do/


However here are a few approaches Mr. Sharpe favors


Growth:  Hire the Dream Team

If you remember the ‘Dream Team', the 1992 Olympic men's basketball team.  This team included many of the best NBA stars of the time including Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.   We can use the same concept for the growth portion of your portfolio.
Mr. Sharpe can work to help you identify some of the leading institutional and pension fund money managers of our time.  He can then show you how to hire some of the most respected and highest caliber money managers in the world to directly manage your portfolio, and with no middleman, at a fraction of the expense and cost you may be paying now. 


Fixed Income:  Don't give your money away


One thing is for certain, taxes will never go away.  The amount you pay out every year in taxation will also surely keep increasing year by year - forever. 


The natural solution is not to have to pay tax.  One approach Mr. Sharpe uses to reduce or eliminate your tax bill is using tax free bonds. 


A reduction in taxable exposure increases net take home return, it's as simple as that. 


The active reduction or elimination of taxation and identifying and eliminating return draining fees and expenses can easily make all the difference for your future.  


Mr. Sharpe generally only recommends fixed income investments that eventually come due, that do not create a tax bill, and that do not have constant annual fees taking money from your pocket and putting it in someone elses.


Take the time to plan:  We will put it in writing


We will formulate an investment policy for you and it will make simple common sense.  Every situation is different but just about every investment approach can be improved using the two simple strategies outlined above. 

We look forward to sharing an investment approach that could make all the difference for you and your families future. 


A one-hour consultation with Mr. Sharpe is free of any charge or obligation however it can both identify hidden charges and fees you may have never known you were incurring and also show you a simple common sense path to a much brighter financial future.