Moors and Cabot

Moors & Cabot was founded in 1890 by John F. Moors and Charles Cabot and is headquartered in the financial district of Boston. Moors & Cabot is one of the oldest independent members of the New York Stock Exchange and has served Boston area investors for over 125 years.  Our Boston office alone houses over 90 employees along with all fixed income trading operations.


As for our history, In 1890, thirteen years before the New York Stock Exchange was where it stands now, John F. Moors and Charles Cabot established a small investment firm in Boston's financial district.

Its mission then: to handle the personal investments of their families and their friends.  Through time, that mission has expanded.  Today, Moors & Cabot manages the assets of thousands of investors from our Boston headquarters and branch offices throughout the country.

We've helped affluent families and individuals protect and grow their wealth for over one hundred and twenty five years.  We've done it through two world wars; the market crashes of 1907, 1929, and 1987; countless panics; numerous recessions; the dotcom buble; the housing bubble; and the daily ups and downs of an ever-changing financial landscape.

Through it all, Moors & Cabot has prevailed.  And, more importantly, so have our clients.

Our message here isn't just about longevity.  It's also about the experience, stability, and wisdom those years brings to each client relationship.