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About Alan Sharpe

<sup>Meet Your Advisor<br/></sup>Alan Sharpe<br/>

Meet Your Advisor
Alan Sharpe

In 1983 Mr. Sharpe joined State Street Bank trading short term money market investments for large mutual funds. Alan joined Brown Brothers Harriman in 1986 executing foreign currency transactions to back up large international mutual fund buys and sells.

Alan transitioned to Merrill Lynch in 1990. At Merrill he put his extensive institutional experience to work as a financial planning advisor for individual clients. By 1994 Mr. Sharpe was overseeing over $70 million in client assets.

Alan has served affluent individuals and entities for over 35 years.
A well-known lecturer on institutional money management and retirement asset preservation Alan has counseled hundreds of retirees and pre-retirees over the years on strategies designed to optimize growth and make their money last.

Mr. Sharpe was recently awarded the Five Star Wealth Manager recognition for both 2023 and 2024. This accomplishment was recognized nationally with featured announcements in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Boston Magazine.

<sup>Meet Your Advisor<br/></sup>Alan Sharpe<br/>

As you begin to understand the simple investment concepts you’ll learn at your first appointment you might find yourself feeling much more comfortable and even hopeful. With over thirty-five years’ industry experience, Alan will awaken you to approaches that have worked year in and year out for decades.  And, the more you understand why they have worked so consistently, the more you may begin to realize, this is going to work for you as well.

The first step is often just to consolidate all the various accounts that you may hold all over creation with no oversight, no cohesion, and no real purpose and put them all to work coherently.

If you were to imagine the effect of focusing and optimizing all those random accounts like a laser to realize your most important hopes and dreams for the future, you immediately begin to realize what it would feel like to become your own portfolio manager. Alan will help you understand how to structure your investments precisely in order to deliver those results most critical to you and your family's financial future.

Many would agree that this comprehensive advanced approach goes a long way to explaining his clients loyalty and success as well as the recognition he has received.

Alan provides the global assistance and advice needed to optimize the protection, enhancement, and growth of your assets. Structuring your investments correctly right from the start immediately puts you on the path to realizing outcomes you may have dreamed about but perhaps never thought possible.

After your in-depth one hour consultation you may find yourself anticipating a future lifestyle you may have once thought completely unattainable that you now realize is actually well within reach.

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