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We offer tailored financial services along with investment management solutions to help you achieve your unique financial goals.

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Client Centered Services

Client Centered Services

As opposed to most financial firms that perhaps recommend you choose one of six proprietary investment options all managed internally, or perhaps investment firms that are an off-shoot of some large mutual fund or investment company (largely recommending proprietary products), we have no horses in the race. We are completely unbiased. I act as a quarterback and help you choose between literally thousands of different options, managers, or investments. As a truly independent advisor my only bias is your best interest. I recommend options based solely on how effective I feel they will be for your future.

These Are a Few Approaches I Favor

<sup>Growth</sup><br/>Hire the Dream Team

Hire the Dream Team

If you remember the 'Dream Team', the 1992 Olympic men's basketball team. This team included many of the best NBA stars of the time including Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. I often apply the same concept for the growth portion of your fee based managed portfolio.

We access some of the leading institutional pension fund private money management groups in the world. Managers of this caliber often manage $100 billion or more for some of the most affluent investors, trusts, and institutions. They are often among the highest rated and most recognized experts in the industry and often require minimum accounts of $5,000,000 or more

But remember, Raymond Jamess private client group ended 2023 with over $1.31 trillion in assets under management. Money managers that might turn their nose up at individually managing even a $5 million account will come running hat in hand hoping to be included in Raymond James selection of preferred private management.

As a result, my office can access this caliber of management for a minimum account size of just $100,000. If you are at all familiar with private asset management, you’re probably aware that accessing the manager directly might run you 1% a year or more (not including transaction costs). As Raymond James has significant leverage, your cost for the same management could be as little as 1/3rd of 1% per year (again not including transaction costs).

Candidly, this is the way the investment industry is going.

Fixed Income
Don't give money away.

One thing is for certain, taxes will never go away. The amount you pay out in taxation seems to keep increasing every single year. The natural solution is to just not pay tax. Obviously though, that approach could prove problematic over time.  I recommends a much more effective (and legal) approach to either reduce or even completely eliminate taxes on interest income: Tax Free Bonds.

Regardless of the market performance or the economic climate, reducing what you pay in tax increases what you take home, it's that simple.

In addition, if you invest directly in bonds that mature for a defined amount at a specific date, you are likely to eliminate unrelenting annual management fees. Those fees can range up to three percent a year - even on bond funds that may pay you just 2%. When you own bonds or CD’s directly you eliminate management fees on those assets.

Identifying and eliminating unneeded and often duplicative management fees, eliminating charges, reducing taxable exposure, and gaining a dependable fixed rate and a maturity date where your principal is returned can easily as much as double your fixed income return. It also adds a great degree of certainty to your portfolio. This common-sense fixed income approach is seldom mentioned by other advisors who often recommend you pay them some percentage fee across every asset you own.

I prefer only fixed income investments that eventually come due and return your principal, do not create a tax bill, and are not subject to constant management fee charges expenses.

Take the time to plan
If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail.

Client Centered Services

We formulate an investment policy and create a solid plan. Every situation is different but just about every investment approach can be improved using the two simple strategies outlined above.

No one gets rich with a hobby. Effective investment choices and strategy take work and research. Few if any jobs can ever create significant and lasting future wealth. Effective and well-structured investments can.

I will share ideas and strategies you'll likely have never been made aware of or even allowed to consider at most other firms.

Your one-hour consultation is free of any charge or obligation but remember, our short meeting could easily make all of the difference for you and your family for years to come. Many of my loyal clients have been with me for decades. Most would tell you that one short hour made all the difference for their futures. This in-depth consultation could make all the difference for your financial future as well and there is no cost, risk, or obligation to find out.

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This could well be the day that you’ll look back on years from now as the day that changed everything, the one day that made it all possible.

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